Bill, Angela and Cedric are missionaries sent to Colombia. Both Bill and Angela spent their childhood years there where they grew to love the land and the people. As teens each returned to their parents’ homelands: Bill to Michigan, USA and Angela to New Zealand where they completed their education and worked in their professions for several years. Separately they each returned to teach in Bogota where they met and then married. They have one son, Cedric.

Their focus has been primarily in the field of education. First teaching academic subjects to high school students and later teaching Bible and Theology classes to Christians in the city of Bogota.

They are currently working with a team of Colombians starting new churches in Bogota and surrounding rural towns. Their role is to train and encourage the leaders of these new churches. Starting in 2021 Bill will also be directing a two-year, intensive study of the New Testament for Christians who live in the area of Bogota.

Bill, Angela, Cedric Loudon

Andy and Greer Jamison

Millie, Ada, Madeline and Indie